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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to maximize one-to-one meetings

Read this article from smart brief on how to maximize meetings that consist of only two persons.
I think this article talks mostly about those performance appraisal kind of meetings which went off track, but this could work for departmental meetings too where the most extroverted manager will lead the discussion.
However, I strongly feel that in Asian society, like Singapore, this may not be truly applicable.
In most of the older generation, age 40 and above (as in 2011), staff tend not want to speak again their supervisers or voice out their opinions in case the idealogy is different. Younger staff may not have formed their opinions or do not see the importance of contribution.
Or there could be bosses who rely on power play for their ego trips.
But all things being equal, do what should be done and prioritise what can be done only by you.

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