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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Year Clothing for my Darlings

A few days back Darling No 1 picked up new clothes for my Darling No 2 and Darling No 3.

Here are some pictures of the Gold Samurai and Blue Cheong Sam for my Darlings :)

Wearing the new clothes

Click on the pictures to see an enlarged view
Darling No 2

Darling No 3


Both of them together :)

Darling No 2 trying to move when I asked him to sit

Darling No 3 felt the cheong sum too tight for her!

The awkward models ;p

The proud mum ;p (machiam I sewed the clothes ;p)

Read my Darlings' Grooming post here.

Here's a full listing of the pictures for the grooming today (28 Jan 2011):

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