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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Internet 2011

I read with interest the article on The Secret behind Searches or something like that. This article was published in the Today Paper on 14 February 2011.

As Henry Tam, SmartBrief's chief product officer, puts it: there are plenty of great ideas out there, it all comes down to execution.

It is easy for any one to give ideas but sometimes, one may be lost in the mire of ideas or simply get too carried away with the micro of things. Or one somehow loses focus of the end point.

My point is, there maybe a million ways to thwart Google's god-like search engine's clutches. Who knows, there maybe more than a few ways to be listed in the top searches, other than paying good money (to Google) for it. 

The end result is simply relevance.

Imagine I am going through my pile of clothes, looking for my pink scarf that will match my pink heels. The first thing that catches my attention is a pink lacy bra. I may hold it in my hands for a few second while deciding if I should wear it, but I do want to continue my search for my pink scarf. Another pink item turns out, this time a pink night gown, a no-no for going out. And my search continues.

How relevant are the bra and night gown? Enough to be the top items that comes up, but they are not what I wanted.

Or, in another scenerio, my mother happens to be searching in the room next door. Can u say that we are looking for the same item since the time zone is the same? Oh, I do not want to bring that pink apple she just dug out of the fridge!

Will Google be able to sieve out who they can trust? I certainly hope they can, because I trust them.

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