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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Windows Live Essentials 2011 Screenshots

I was waiting so anxiously for the status updates to go to Facebook but it didn't!

Anyway here are the screens you will see when you have the new application installed:

I was prompted to connect to 3 services: FaceBook, MySpace or LinkedIn

Obviously I went for FaceBook... And clicked the "Connect with Facebook"

Then I was asked to put in my Facebook log-in email and password...

It then told me what are the things that MSN is asking for? The usual stuff actually

And then, everything went black! For a good 10 second...

The screen then suddenly notified me that the FaceBook connection is done! (I was thinking, great, now I can share my MSN status to Facebook)

As you can see the new MSN (in orange) is really cool, it lets you see the status besides the usual preview. As you can see, the old MSN (in pink) is still locked onto my bar.

Then the welcome message comes...

The new MSN is really glaring! it lets you see the Facebook Updates (circled in orange) on top of the usual stuff of your friend's MSN activities...

Even chats appear different... Of course, why would they do it so good that you don't have to upgrade later?

And then the pictures loaded from Facebook, (after I think 2minutes?)

And you can also see the same thing on the MSN webpage (when you actually log in to the page)

I am still waiting for my MSN status update to go to FaceBook... 

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