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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blogging for money

I have taken up a blog research thingy, which pays me a token amount for sharing my online activities.
Am not really clear if I could use the contents on this blog. Just wrote them an email this morning. Took my usual photos and print screens and will be doing my usual blobs later this afternoon.
This Sunday is Darling No 3's birthday. Am on the way to super mart to get some ingredients, planning to cook a small feast for my darlings. Maybe using these for the private blog.
Have also found this Standard Chartered promotion for their series of credit cards. Read about it from hardwarezone and this reminds me of something at work.
I work in a school as some of you know. There was a thread posted at hardwarezone about a lecturer whose "antics" seemed nonsensical to that particular student.
It was such a blatant statement coming from that student, and the combination of my colleagues who are so removed from the Y generation (I call it Age Gap) that made it worth a mention here. I shall not post any links on this as I normally don't gossip. But my take is, if you don't mention an issue, it doesn't mean that it did not happen. It just goes unrecorded.

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