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Monday, October 18, 2010

Pictures from my mobile camera

Oh, what do I mean by Mobile Camera? (of course, all cameras are mobile, meaning you can move it anywhere you want). But I mean that camera is from my mobile (phone).

These were taken on the special Sunday... (10 October 2010). The "auspicious" 10-10-10. It sounds nice as it coincides with the chinese proverb of shi quan shi mei as in åå…¨åįžŽ.

Anyway I was having a chilli crab with my Darling No 1. I did not want to eat anything actually but he was famish... so I striked a bargain with him, if he buys me beer and a vegetable dish, I'll eat the chilli crab with him...

So I took these pictures with the Retro Camera on the Android Phone (HTC Magic).

Don't these look professional? ;p (If I have to say so myself!)

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