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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dinner-cum-Shopping-cum-Birthday Celebration

Met up with my friends yesterday for dinner, shopping and birthday celebration.

I think this is an annual rite, we had done this repeatedly for years now.

We met at Bugis Junction and wanted to go to Seah Street (birthday girl's orders) for dinner. I turned up extraordinary early, at twelve noon, instead of 5pm. I had arranged to meet Darling No 1 for lunch and a visit to the temple too.

As he gotta go off, I spent my time shopping and it was a long 3hours... (1.30pm to 4.30pm). I got 3 t-shirts for his mom (his orders) and saw nothing for myself, except 2 pairs of tights at the same shop (Giordano). Got 2 because they come in a pair, which makes it cheaper than getting just 1 piece.

Then I went to get a pair of shoes, exchanging the pair I was wearing (the white stilteos that OG had given me for Christmas 2009) for a pair of flats. Then I weaved in and out of shops and finally OG came. She wanted to go to Seiyu and I accompanied her for a while before I got too bored and went to the ladies. I then sat by the fountain and enjoyed watching the kids playing with the fountain. I saw a mother leaving Seiyu and scolded the husband for letting their daughter got wet!

WL came at 4.40pm or so and we wanted to go to the crowded cheaper belt of shopping paradise (do you know where I am talking about?) but we U-turned back in the middle of the road because we were seriously not prepared to be bullied by the crowd. Taking my suggestion to sit down, WL suggested Yakun and we had coffee and lots of bread! I wanted to order Set C which I didn't know came with 2 eggs! And WL took that for me. (without the egg yolk). And OG went to order another set of bread and we were like stuffing ourselves till YH turned up.

Then we went for another round of shopping and I got a few dresses (only a cardigan, a dress and 3 pairs of underwear!), which suited my preference for easy work wear. I don't have to mix and match anymore! (Made a point to go home to throw away clothes!)

And now I am blogging and I haven't cleared my clothes wardrobe yet ;p

Anyway we then went for a dinner at ma maison. The place is too dark for my likening and the waiting time dampens our mood but the food is decent (though rather expensive) and they missed OG's sizzling hamburger order. The waitress did however asked if she would like a complimentary bread (on the house). But it came after the meal came. What is that point?

Anyway we took some photos too...

Then YH wanted to redeem some gifts using our receipts (for expenditures about $100) and all 4 of us went (wow, did we spend alot!)

And then this is what happened (my msn chat with my Darling No 1, detailing the experience):

Lyn P says (9:36 AM)
yesterday we went bugist right
then yvonne wanted to go change the receipt for lucky draw
so i tag along
then i tk out my recipts
then yv and oli went
they both got notebk
i exclaimed: i want notebk, i want notebk
then u know what
Lyn P says (9:37 AM)
i did NOT get note bk
then sherine went
she also got notebk

u know what i get

You have just sent a nudge.

Lyn P says (9:38 AM)
u there or not
Darling No 1 says (9:38 AM)
Lyn P says (9:38 AM)
u know what i get
Darling No 1 says (9:39 AM)
Lyn P says (9:39 AM)
i got 2 movie passes!
Darling No 1 says (9:39 AM)
so lucky
Lyn P says (9:39 AM)
then i exclaimed i very sad i din get the notebk
then they all 3 give me their notebk
Darling No 1 says (9:39 AM)
Lyn P says (9:40 AM)
we all had 8 or 9 bottles of free facial foam also
small sample bottles
next time i pass u
u must go see with me
but its only for weekday viewing
mon to wed

Isn't it cute! ;p

Then we went to TCC and on the way, a necklace caught my eye and I got it for $25 bucks. A luxurious item but I seldom buy accessories! Will show pictures next time.

And we were at TCC chatting till near mid-night. WL got a cake too... bet she was surprised. We made her tell us her favourite favors (turned out to be chocolate instead of the mango favour we got)...


enjoy the pictures!

Took this retro one at the ma maison and i think its rather artistic!

The table setting at ma maison

WL taking the birthday card and the nail filer from us.


These are the 2 complimentary pass I got for the Due Date Movie..

Check out the notebooks that all the 3 ladies kindly donate to me! I needed them to write minutes (part of my job!) And I counted, I got 9 facial foams!

And my receipts...

 Pictures at TCC:

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