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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Philips Sale 2010 - SalonSuper Stylist HP4698

Went to the Philips Sale 2010 today.

It is the first day and wow, the crowd is there like ever!

Darling No 1 wanted to get a trimmer but he did not see the model he wanted.
And me? I did not intend to get anything but got myself a hair styling thing plus a garment steamer! Well, I have been wanting to get all these but just did not have the courage and with my Darling No 1's persuasion, I went ahead. He is a bad companion who just encourages you to get anything you desire!

Do not go shopping with him! ;p

Anyway here are the pictures when I un-wrapped my presents (yes, he got them for me, thanks dear!)

The styler costs only $50 (discount of $25)

The box for you:



As you can see, there are 5 main styles:  Straight, ringlets, big curls, natural wavy and crimped.

It even comes with 2 types of clips, a pouch and a comb!

And not to miss this out:

Made in China
100 - 240V
50/60 Hz

The box contains this: instruction for using the thing and the warranty guide, plus the pouch.

The items were packed neatly like this, in the exact order.

And the instruction menus:


That is it!

I shall post more when I start to use it!

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