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Saturday, October 16, 2010


And this morning I saw a lizard!

I screamed when I saw it at my kitchen basin. I was rinsing the meat to cook for my Darlings when I saw it.
But it did not move and I calmed down.

When I continued to use the tap, it remained still. Thus after I was done with my washing, I went to take a camera and took 2 pictures.

As you can see from this close up picture, it is really fair! A typical lizard in Singapore homes.

This zoomed out picture shows you its size, just about 5 or 6cm (or 4-5 standard keyboard buttons)...

I then used a plastic to push it up from the basin and then I realised it could not climb out! Because my basin is so wet, it wasn't able to climb out of the "hole" it fell in.

When it came out of the basin, it went into hiding, but not after staring at me for a while ;p

Well, today is a special day!

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