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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FishVille - Halloween

Ooh, I love this...

You can see the image for the creature creeping out of the tomb... it was moving!

New Halloween Items! Beware of what lies beneath dark waters...

The creature is actually a zombie (if you goto the store to check it out)...

It looks like the one from Harry Potter's bookm, ops or is it the Lord of the Rings?

Anyway the zombie can be bought for $12 FishVille dollar for 3,600XP.

The Tomb that appeared in the picture, seems like the side view of a tortoise, can be bought for only $4 FishVille Dollar, for 1,200 XP. The background is a dark sky with the shiny pumpkin... I think the pumpkin looked a tad too sad for me, instead of being creepy?!?! The background costs $10 FishVille Dollar and does not give any XP (what do you want? XP for environments?)

The Gravel did not appear in the picture but has a pumpkin too... It costs $5 FishVille Dollar...

I took a try to see how it would appear...

Does it look nice?

Well, at least there is no pumpkin! ;p
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