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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Liese Bubble Hair Color

The last few days I thought to myself, it's time to do something to my hair and today I finally did it!

I had trimmed my hair the last week and still wasn't satisfied with it. I even cut my fringe...

Honestly, I feel that I should cut down on expenses that has got to do with my hair: not to go to hair stylist (so that I can save that $400 bucks for hair straightening every half a year, which translates to $800 a year!) and also not to dye my hair in salons (this will save me like $200 to 300 every 3 months)... and I decided to go and spend on hair conditioning and better shampoo...

So in another words, I had to choose a hair style that is easy to maintain and I will need to be able to trim it myself!

Well, I started having this simple hair style last year (the last time when I visited my favorite hair stylist, I told him I wanted a simple hair cut and I managed to maintain this till now, with a slight variance - the fringe)... Then I tried to cut my hair and cut off my trips to salons... and I say it is still quite okay!

Anyway since my friend introduced me to Liese and we dyed our hair together last December, I have been hooked to dyeing my hair myself! After dyeing the Liese Bubble Hair Color (Sweet Pink), I am sick of that color and now wanted a darker color. And since I started using Maybelline mineral foundation and the BB cream, I appear to have lighter skin tone, which is really suitable for darker hair color...

(Declaration: I don't like to be fair because I think being tanned is healthier! I love Vitamin D!)

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