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Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Fish Died...

I was searching for pictures of my fish (she died yesterday). I can find only the pictures posted in this article

She had turned pale a week ago and not been feeding very well.

Usually when she turn pale, it was for a few days and she would go back to her bright red color. But somehow this time she did not make it...

My brother told me that now I can buy my arowana, as I was lamenting I have no tank to keep another fish. But I won't do it for now.

The 5-feet tank is now occupied by another luohan fish. This one is a naughty small fish which is about palm size. It won't be growing very big as it is already in adulthood. So it would be a suitable companion for an arowana. If I did not remember wrongly, this fish is also a sibling of the dead fish (white-and-red in color) and my yellow dolphin (also died sometime back), out of a chanced breeding.

Well, I don't think I will get another fish. Till I have my own home.

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