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Friday, October 1, 2010

FrontierVille - My Cabin is completed

And the Cabin Building event.... read here on how to complete your cabin!
These are the screen shots on how I completed mine.

First the event notice to get you to start the building event. 

When I placed my Cabin, it was only logs! 

Then you have the Whacking to be done... and 7 Whacks! Wow, energy sucker!
Then the usual work-in-progress...

And a closer look, with the rewards there...

And I got 250 Coins and 6XP when my cabin framework is up! There was a wood bonus to be shared.

And for my cabin, I also did the Clear The Land event. This gave me 250 Coins and 6 XP too. I found that, sad to say, everytime I log into my site, it seems that the grass is forever creeping on me? Is it only me or this happens to everyone else too? Why does all my neighbors' sites look so nice and neat? Is it because I am neglecting my site?

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