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Saturday, October 30, 2010

2010 Birthday Celebrations - Darling No 2 & 3

Took a day off to bring my darlings out!

Darling No 3 waiting patiently for our cab to the place!

Till she gets so bored!
 Darling No 2 also! Bu7t it may be the sun that makes them squint!

I took a self picture... Can see Darling No 2's butt!

In the cab... placed the blue towel on the seat so that they can lay on the seat with out scratching...

 And me and Darling No 3...

And after a walk/run, I washed Darling No 3...

And this is Darling No 2, after Darling No 1 bathed him...


And after Darling No 2 and 3 being tied to a cage and

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