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Friday, October 15, 2010

FishVille - Discovery Log (Spikey Shell)

I feel so lucky! Just got the Spikey Shell...

I chanced upon it because I have never saw this shell in my Gift Box and When I clicked on the Give Fish Love, I saw this shell and I closed it and went to my Discover Log. I almost forgot how to find it...  (Read my post Don't know where to find your Discover Log? if you need some help)...

As you can see, my shell collection is all but completed for the Spikey Shell...

So I went to redeem the shell and got the message:

Congratulations on unlocking this week's LOVE ITEM. You can find it in your Gift Box.

And it went to my Gift Box... along with other shells and stuff...

And then I got this notice:

You Passed A Friend!
You just beat Dottie's Discovery Log score and are moving up the F.I.N.S. ranks! Let your friend know who's the best and share some bonus XP!

 Well, I thought I would have some special reward for completing the item but nothing! It is just a notice to share with my friends, which is good but did not meet my expectation!

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