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Friday, October 8, 2010

John Lennon

Today Google celebrates John Lennon's day.

Great for his fans. Well, I am and will not be one. Nor do I like his wife.

Are you one?  

displayed this video which I managed to find the link...

It appears like this (if you click on the picture and plays the video, it actually plays as a small video clip)... 
 (click on the pictures to see a larger view)

And when it is done, it actually goes to a Google search on John Lennon.
Looks good, the search but why him?


And when I go to find his wife, there is his face on the Google logo..
Is this corny or what (yeah, i made it happened ;p)

And just to show that I am me, (yes, me-myself-and-i), I went to use Google Chrome's Function (read my post on how to see the status function in Google Chrome here or the Google Chrome Tab Tricks here...) to view the source code...

And I saw this:

And figured out that Google must be using their YouTube to play the movie, so I did a find for "youtube" and saw the address... and pasted the link into a new window and yeah!

Well, the cool thing is not the idea of checking the source code, nor to use the "find" function to look for "YouTube", but that the site itself does not show any thing but a video!

Just you place this link: 

or just click on it in a Chrome Browser, you will see this:

(Yeah it's the 10minute video I posted a few days back for my dog walk, which some told me they wasted 1 and 10 minutes, the duration they spent watching the clip, of their life!)

and if you copy that link (or both links) to other browsers... you will see these:


(yeah I love Google and not other browsers!)

yeah, enough said, this thing about John Lennon bores me out too... But a few links for you to search, if you just happen to be his fan...


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