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Thursday, October 7, 2010

FishVille - Food For Friends Gold Trophy

Finally got to level up and get my final trophy for Food For Friends Gold Trophy.

This is really not easy! Got to visit so many tanks! And it is definitely not easy!

Today I went to True Yoga at Raffles MRT (Ocean Towers) and I expected very bad service and naggy consultants and facilities that were run down but funnily, everything really exceeded my expectation!

My friend paid around $80 a month for a 3 year subscription. I was seriously considering in September and got her to give me and another colleague YJ a free trial with her. She wanted us to go to this thing call Hot Yoga but luckily that class was booked... I don't really fancy sweating more than I have to!

Anyway, the showers wasn't that packed, well our class weren't that crowded about 20 pax instead of the full capacity of 50 pax for the class size... The shower area was incorporated into the private area, with separate toilet facilities. There were also more than enough lockers. Around 30 showers (with shower curtains) and 10 toilets and like around 100+ lockers? There were also 10 or 15 hair blowers/dryers and there were sufficient mirrors. There were also 2 separate changing rooms.

The place had nice waiting areas, good sofas with comfortable cushions that you can sit and relax, while there were great air conditioning and high ceilings for the training venue.

My first impression is really nice and at $20 or even $25 dollar a session, it is really worth it.

And that is the reason why, after the nice hot shower and the 50minute ride home (mrt + feeder bus service), I can still log into FaceBook and play my games.

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