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Saturday, October 9, 2010

FarmVille - Haunted Houses

The start of October seems to encourage all ghouls and ghosts to come back into our lives again!

For Chinese, the Lunar 7th month is the dreaded month where doors are shut tight once the sun sets. Even when dawn comes, it is believed that the ghosts still linger around, as they have special permission to walk on Earth for this month.

Usually the Lunar 7th month falls in the month of August for western calenders. And ends in mid September. And then Halloween comes in end October (but you can start to feel its present at the start of October), so I should say, from mid August to early November, it is a ghostly period!

FarmVille celebrates Halloween with the launch of the Haunted Houses. I got mine yesterday, the frame, that is.

Shall post more when I finally get it build up!

Haunted Houses are here! Build and upgrade your Haunted House to collect Candy for your Halloween Candy Basket (coming soon). Visit your neighbors' Haunted Houses to collect more candy!

There it is, in my Gift Box...
Shall show you my progress in my next blog, now, it's time to go back to my dogs!

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