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Saturday, December 11, 2010

CafeWorld - Cooking Academy

I am in the Cooking Academy! Earlier I got this letter from Matty and I was told that I needed to do more stuff:

Dear Pek
Your application is coming together nicely! However I still need one more referral before I can accept you into the Cooking Academy. Send me the referral as soon as you can. Our instructors can't wait to meet you.

So I went to visit more neighbors and send those invites to my neighbours... luckily my effort was reciprocated!

Dear Pek
Congrats! I've approved your application to the Cooking Academy!
Chefts wear a Cravat (neck tie) to keep them cool in the hot kitchen. The color of your Cravat tells how much experience you have with cooking. Get your first one soon.

Hope to get more experience soon!

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