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Saturday, December 11, 2010

FarmVille - Holly Red and Wintergreen

Are you on this quest yet?

After getting snow blanket and Winter Workshop, I still gotta slog! After getting the holiday lights and the Candy Arch, hey, more jobs yet!

But I did get some small reward - 250 XP, $5,000 Coins and 1 Silver Nutcracker.

Then there is this Holly Red and Wintergreen event to help the worker elves feel at home.

Need to get the 1 Winter Workshop (which was done earlier) and then harvest another 100 Spinach and 100 Strawberries! Goot!

Strawberries take 4hours to ripe and Spinach 14hours!

Now I need to harvest Strawberries and Spinach! And I would have time to complete it this afternoon, but not now! *sigh*

I am still waiting for my peanuts to mature... *sigh*...

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