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Sunday, December 26, 2010

FishVille - Live Rock

Another project I decided to complete now - Live Rock.

It was one of the many pieces that I had in my Gift Box.

Well here are the pictures.

After clicking on the 'Use' button in the Gift Box, the item appeared grayed out.

After clicking on the 'Use' button in the Gift Box at the second time, the progress increased to 2/7. When it appeared, the selling price increased to $1,000! If you notice, you can always do a 'Ask for More' or buy a piece of the building for $2 FishVille Dollar.

The 3rd process sees the selling price increased to $1,500. Some orangy red stuff starts to appear on the rock.

Stage 4 increases the selling price to $2,000. Some purple plants sprouted all over the rock. My Seahorses were dancing around it!

And the 5th part got the selling price at $2,500. There were some corals that appeared at the top right hand side of the stone.

The 6th stage got more corals at the left side of the stones. The selling price also increased to $3,000.

The last piece improved the general appearance and made it extremely colorful. The whole thing could be sold for $3,500. And there were like diamonds sparkling all over!

Same as the Eel Hideout, it shows that

This item is completed. Try building something else!

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