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Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Facebook... again!

Seems like Facebook is having their periodic updates again...

There are 5 change for facebook, for users:

Bio - Introduce Yourself
Your profile begins with a quick summary of who you are, from what you're doing now to where you grew up.
Update your profile to give friends the most current information about you.

Photos - Show Friends Your Tagged Photos
Recently tagged photos show friends what you've been up to. Your privacy settings have not changed. Only people you've allowed to view photos you're tagged in will see these photos.
To hide a photo, roll over it and click X.

Navigation - Get Around More Easily
Now you can navigate your profile from one central place, making it easier to get to your info, photos and more.

Education and Work - Share Your Experiences
Now you can share more about your work and education, and even include the friends who were there with you.
Add individual projects, classes and other experiences by clicking the Edit link.

Interests - Showcase Your Interests
Now your profile is more visual and includes new interests, such as your favorite sports, people and more.
To add something new, click the Edit link at the top of each section.

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