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Saturday, December 25, 2010

FishVille - Eel Hideout

Finally did something about the Eel Hideout.

Did not bothered because I thought you have to aim the pieces to build it. (Read about the old buildable projects for FishVille such as Candy House which was really difficult for some people)

Anyway I started to do this Eel Hideout because that I couldn't accept any more gifts. FishVille accepted only a maximum of 80 gifts.

So I went to clear that 19 sets of Eel Hideouts.

So when I placed the first piece in my tank, after clicking 'use' in the gift box, the first piece hovered like a ghost...

After I click the left button then it turned solid. You can see that the progress was 1/8 and it could be sold for $375.

After some syncronization, it become solid. And it actually allows me to buy another piece for $2 FishVille Dollars or Sand Dollars. Of course, for you, if you do not have enough, you can always click on 'Ask for more'.

After clicking on the "Use" in the gift box, suddenly the item increased the progress to stage 2. If you notice, the item could be sold for $750 Coins. There were growth of grasses too! This was really a great improvement because you just need to click 'Use' and no need to place any pieces onto the existing pieces. It is so easy and unlike the old games! (read here)

The 3rd piece increases the selling price to $1,125 and there is a purple flower at the left corner.

The 4th piece increases the selling price to $1,500 and there is a coral at the right bottom.

The 5th piece increases the selling price to $1,875 and there are more plants at the 2 sides of the stone thingie.

The 6th piece increases the selling price to $2,250 and there are brown shrubs sprouting out of the stone.

Ops, I missed out on the 7th piece but the 8th piece showed me that it was completed and allowed me to share the buildable decoration with my neighbors :)


And when I tried do build another one, I got the red messages that say that:

This item is completed. Try building something else!

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