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Sunday, December 26, 2010

FishVille - Christmas Cake

My 3rd post for today - the Christmas Cake.

Similar to the other buildable posts,  I went to retrieve the items from my Gift Box. There were like 12 so I built 2. Here are the pictures for the first one.

First piece had a light color (before I click the left mouse button to place the item in the tank).

After the left click, the first sponge cake was a brown color fudge cake I hope! The $500 coins that it could be sold for, wasn't that enticing!

This was followed by icing which increased the cake's selling price to $1,000.

The 3rd piece added some decorations at the bottom of the cake. It could now be sold for $1,500.

The 4th piece increased to $2,000 and there were Christmas Trees spouting.

The 5th piece was good! It was a house and the cake now sells for $2,500.

The last piece gave me a notice:

You have just completed a buildable decoration! Share this with your friends!

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