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Sunday, December 12, 2010

CafeWorld - Magical Tea Party

Gosh I need lots of help!

I am starting on this catering job... (one of the many jobs that I still got left on the right hand side of the screen) ... the Magical Tea Party!

It requires 150 Stuffed Mushrooms, 300 Creme Fraiche Caviar, 250 Jammin' Jelly Donuts... Or I could just get it done for $20 + $18 + $14 dollars and some 15 Serving Plates and 10 Steam Trays... or $6 for the utensils.

Not that I think it is not important but I don't have the time to do this. This weekend is Christmas Shopping Week!

I have a Christmas Party to go next Friday, yes, company dinner! And gotta get the gifts, not to mention that I am meeting my friends on 23 December and I don't like to shop the weekend before Christmas! Orchard is just unpassable during that time and I hate that sweat and jostling just doesn't make shopping easier or enjoyable...

Well, I am meeting Darling No 1 this afternoon to go Orchard so, I just don't have time for the catering. Please help me! Join my quest for this Magical Tea Party...

It requires 20 minutes of cooking for the Jammin' Jelly Donuts, 30 minutes for the Creme Fraiche Caviar and 1 day (24hours) for the Stuffed Mushrooms...

Please help!

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