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Saturday, December 11, 2010

FrontierVille - Talented TeamWork

In the midst of finishing the Apple Pie Contest which requires 1 apple pie and 20 visits to neighbors' farm (actually not really 20 visits but rather 20 apple trees to be harvested ;p) I got the Talented TeamWork Badge!

The Apple Pie Contest was easy to complete as all neighbors had at least 5 apple trees on their farm. So I think I visited only 4 neighbors to get the 20 apple harvests. It was in a matter of like 10minutes?

Then the apple pie was a bit difficult because I needed to have energy to harvest the apples on my own farm.

But I always spend my energies on the animals and mostly on sheeps even. Well, I had to come back to my farm only after visiting my neighbors because the visits gave me energy and it was done quickly. But I had wasted a few minutes debating if I should buy energy from the Market with the food I had collected.

Anyway the Talented TeamWork Badge was good for visiting 15 neighbors for 1 day (yeah I had to, to complete all my events ;p)

And I got 1 Cherry Tree and 30 XP.

Get yours now :) Oh and visit my profile here and get the goodies!

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