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Saturday, December 4, 2010

FarmVille - What a Biplane does

I wrote here on my first Biplane.

So after placing it on my farm, I right click-ed it to see what are the options - Move, Sell, Apply Instant Grow.

It also shows that it can be sold for $1,500 coins.

It actually also self-promotes, when it asks you if you want to tell your friends about your newest farm helper!

And it says:
First flight's free!
Congratulations on your new plane! Would you like to instantly grown your crops and trees for free?

And when you click 'Grow my crops!' it actually starts to fly! so cool! I was shocked and took the screenshot only after it started to fly for like 3 second.

And then my farm was all grown, even the trees! Everything, even for my orchard ;p And when I tried to use a second one, it says that I do not have any crops or trees that need growing! ;p

Going to harvest now and post again later...

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