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Saturday, December 11, 2010

FrontierVille - Get Ready for the School Marm

Finally got sometime to look at FrontierVille.

Getting ready for a few missions and one of them is getting ready for the school marm.

Needed to collect 2 bonuses (that means in 2 days) from the School House that you build earlier on. And also to get 1 more Wagon from the Market.

So I went to get the Wagon under Buildings in the Market (I would have thought it as a Decoration actually) and it costed me $5,000 and 8 Wood.

Placed it just beside my sheeps! (do come and feed them! I always sell my animals when they reach adulthood)...

And I completed the School Marm event.

It was all for a 50XP reward.

And I happily announced it to my neighbors :)

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