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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mafia Wars - New Inventory

Oh I love Mafia Wars... They have made it easier to play and it is a no-brainer. Give us what we want!

The new Inventory page shows the number of items that we have for each fight (see picture, Top Left)... of course within the usual 501 mafia member, each of us need to have a weapons, vehicle, armor and animals. Just like Sorority Life

And it tells us what is the item information (see picture, Top Right) for Attack and Defence Points, with Mafia Strengths (see picture, Bottom Left) and of course the quality of the item (see picture, Bottom Right), not sure if this really matters?

Anyway this is something wonderful.

I just wish that they will tell you how many items you have, at the Build Page for Factories so that I won't accidently "over build" something...

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