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Saturday, November 27, 2010

20 Nov 2010 - Birthday Celebration (Part 4)

This is the Shou Tao, as in Longetivity Peach. I checked out with the waitress who told me this is vegetarian so I had a bite of it. It was filled with yam paste...


The next dish was a meat starter.

It then was followed by the Sharksfin soup.



As you can see, the soup is really clear and my brother said it was really nice.

Then we had the chicken... As you can see, you were supposed to eat with the salt (took some of this in my first post)

This was followed by a fish.. This was supposingly the best dish as the restaurant was famous for seafood.


My brother had some fish on his bowl and I took a close up picture.


And a vege-abalone-mushroom dish, actually this was my favorite. the vegetable was very nicely cooked but it did not turn out well in my picture...



Then I think it was fried prawns... I don't really know because I can't remember what I did not taste!


Then the noodle came...


And here are the artistic photos that I've taken...
My brother like this so much that he wanted to put this as his wall paper for his mobile...

Then dessert was served.

See the wallpaper with the beansprout...

And his original wall paper...

A full frontal for his mobile wall paper.

A back view. Somehow he said this was professionally taken. What do you think?

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