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Thursday, November 4, 2010

FrontierVille - Get Ready For Baby

I am so going to get a baby.... in FrontierVille.

The mission requires a minimum spending of $5,000 coins, to visit 25 neighbors (thank you neighbors for being my neighbors! If not it will really take me so long to do this job!) and to have a Crib.

Wow, to tell the truth, I was waiting for so long for someone to give me a saw horse or something. And I did not know how to get one!

Finally when I Look Inside my Barn today I saw 2 Sawhorses. Previously I had only one. So today I can and am going to create a Crib :)

And there, after I click on Create, I got a Crib and no more SawHorses.

And I get to choose how my Kid looks like!

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