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Thursday, November 4, 2010

FarmVille - Garage Frame

I have already upgraded my Garage in FarmVille but found these pictures that I have uploaded onto my Blog server but have not had time to post on it.

Well, today is the day (lucky you!) and I am going to just do these posts...

The Garage frame costs $50,000 in the FarmVille Market.

Garages are used to store tractors, harvesters, and seeders. Use Vehicle Parts in order to upgrade any vehicles in your garage to act upon even more plots than before!

Well, just in case you are wondering why Combines are not in, that is because this picture was taken before the Combine was available then. Combines are a special sort. You get to Harvest, Plow and Seed all at the same time. Regardless the plot has withered crops or ready crops to be harvested, it will do the necessary job of collecting/harvesting or plowing before the plot is seeded with what you want to plant now. Of course, if you already have some seeds there and the crop is not matured, you will not be able to seed the new plant/crop.

Well, after placing the Garage Frame, it looks like this. I got 500 XP for spending $50,000 coins.

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