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Sunday, November 7, 2010

FarmVille - Orchard

Finally managed to complete my Orchard! This event started in 5 November 2010.

Hope you get yours soon! Because this Orchard is really useful!

If you are a tree lover like me, you will know that it is really useful to have trees! They are a good source of income and are easily harvested by Arborist.

Introducing Orchards for your Trees! You can harvest them for mystery seedlings that grow into all new types of trees. There's also tree mastery now too, so get started now!

You will get the Orchard in your Gift Box. As it is always, gifted from FarmVille.
Mind you, you will get only one and I think that 20 trees are just not enough!

After you use the Orchard, you will be told what you can do with the Orchard. The format looks like the crafting event too. Basically, there are 4 items.

I did some editing of the pictures to get a summarised one here:

Build an Orchard
Give your farm a new look with all your trees
Hold up to 20 trees and harvest it with just one click

Find Mystery Seedlings!
Harvest your Orchard for a chance to find mystery tree seedlings
Seedlings come from one of the trees inside your Orchard

Grow Seedlings into New Trees!
Grow your mystery seedlings into new Trees by watering them
Get watering cans by buying them or gifting with friends

Introducing Tree Mastery!
Check your progress for trees in the new Mystery dialog
Get all new mastery signs for each tree you complete

And after I placed my Orchard in my farm (had to clear some space by selling my grass patches). And please come visit my farm to see my train railways ;p

Congrats! You've started building an Orchard! Let your friends know so they can send you materials!

And after I got the items, I got this sign:

You've finished building your Orchard! Celebrate by sharing some extra materials with your friends.

There, a completed Orchard.

Will keep you updated of my tree masteries!

Check out my first mystery seedling!

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