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Saturday, November 20, 2010

FarmVille - Turkey Roost

Oh my! The FarmVille Market has changed so much!

I was looking at DH's farm and saw this Turkey Roost which I don't remember I had on my farm!

Then back at my farm, I went to the market and saw how different it was! It just look so up-market now!

And I went to Building to find out how much the Turkey Roost costs.

There it is, $5,000 FarmVille Coins. It also sells for $250 Coins with 50 XP.

The Preview shows that it is slightly bigger than the Farmer with about 5 units of plots.

The Question Mark says:
Build your Turkey Roost with your friends to store all your Turkeys!
To finish, you need 10 Wooden Boards, 10 Bricks, and 10 Nails.
When complete you can use your Turkey Roost to house all your rescued Turkeys! Grateful rescued Turkeys can share special rewards during Thanksgiving season, or baby turkeys year-round!

Sounds good!

Here, I've build my Turkey Roost.

And of course the notice that asks me to tell my friends:

Congrats! You've started building a Turkey Roost! Let your friends know so they can send you gifts?

And of course when you Look Inside the Turkey Roost, you see that it is exactly as what is needed:
10 Wooden Boards
10 Nails
10 Bricks

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