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Saturday, November 20, 2010

FarmVille - Turkey Roost (Expansion)

I got my Turkey Roost completed! And before I can add any Turkeys inside, I am expanding it!

Please help my expansion by clicking this link:$$hlK(WWXT1YyMY4M9yNJE0)aq*)QUIM!moarj_7)!9lqE331LZtatRNNRp3eM8f&next=gifts.php%3FgiftRecipient%3D695092914


Well, here are the pictures:
Harvest your Turkey Roost, and the grateful rescued turkeys inside may share with you special Thanksgiving rewards during the holiday season, or if you're lucky, Baby Turkeys all year round!
Somehow this doesn't tally with the message that was given before I started the building process?

And I asked to expand, still needed the 3 items, 10 sets each: Brick, Nail and Wooden Board.

Please help me by sending me these stuff! Here is the link to help me with the materials:

Check out my earlier post on Turkey Roost.

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