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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vegetarian Food (Bendeemeer Market)

For personal reasons, I have been a vegetarian for the past few days.

Do try this lor mee at Bendeemeer Market.

The first thing I want to comment is that the composition of my shit (sorry for my crudeness, but I am just like this) changed drastically! I hadn't been cooking and thus haven't been eating fresh greenies. Yes, I was busy with work and attending life-turning events (you won't want to know what it is) and was like working at 9.15am (yeah I was late for work on most mornings and in fact should start work at 9am) and leaving office only like 9pm or 10pm on most nights. And on evenings when I wasn't working, I was at place where I could not have internet access and thus I wasn't even playing games or even online on msn.

There again, all these meant I couldn't cook. I did not really have time for my Darlings too and they were indeed neglected. They did however have dry kibble and plenty of water (2 yogi water bowls) and their new pee tray which kept my room clean and my loving daddy who always make sure they smell like him (just don't try to sniff them)...

Well, I found out that no fresh greenies and only vegetarian food does something to your stool. It makes it mushy and really really soggy. They come out really soft but still in that elongated form. But is so different from having vegies and meat or pure greens with vegeatarian food. Just to illustrate better:

(click to view it in larger form)

As you can see, I found that the stool is much better when you have Greenies (highlighted in purple in my chart). I personally have not tried pure meat (this is based on what I see for my Darlings) and I have not tried pure Greenies with out starch (which I think would be horrible if you do not eat starch, you will just die of hunger!)...

Anyway I think this is why it is safe to say vegetarian food is not healthy because most of the time, you do not get to eat fresh vegetables. Thus Greenies and Starch is a wonderful diet.

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