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Friday, November 19, 2010

2010 November birthday celebration

I posted these yesterday on Facebook and thought I should leave them in my blog. So here they are again:

Pictures of 2010 November birthday celebration.

Actually I did not taste any of the food, because someone picked Tea Cosy which served vegetarian food, but they were served with eggs. And Tea Cosy served mainly desserts (which the waitress told me, all were made with eggs). Well. It was just like my own July birthday celebration, I ate dim sum which wasn't to my liking. I told this group that I didn't really care to go out with them since I rather treasure my vegetarian food over their sushis or meat any day, any day at all.

But the presentation was rather nice and they did serve the pastries in 3-tier glassware. Some of the food was served cold too.

Well, company's the word and here are the 2 beautiful ladies who were the reason I was there.

YH was rather delighted with the muffin cake, don't you say?

 And so was OG.

A close up of the muffin-cakes.


All 3 ladies, excluding me of course.

The muffins were wrapped up carefully to be shared with the ladies' better halves.

And not to forget, the watch that YH had made for OG. OG had commented in a few months back that she would like to have a watch and finally it appeared!


And me of course...

  And more of me...

All over a cup of mint coffee, which was as chirpy as me. Mind you, I couldn't sleep that night and only when I recalled the cup, did I remember! That's it, no coffee after 3pm.

And who's the fairest among us all? The rabbit of course ;p

 2 candid shots... This one is for YH and OG... This was their main meal as they couldn't get their stomachs to stop growling after those pastries...

And my house. Just thought it looked nice and green :)

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