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Thursday, November 4, 2010

FarmVille - Megamind

Megamind... the Super Handsome?

Click "Help Out" to assist Megamind on his farm! He's the self-described "incredibly handsome master of all villainy". Activate his contraption to show his true genius and receive TWO special items for your assistance!

Megamind thanks you for visiting his farm and is giving you:
- Exclusive Megamind Decoration
- One FREE application of MEGA Grow

His farm was incredible and it wasn't too bad... no farming needs to be done!

This marks the first step where Zynga actively advertises for another event/brand/company. Wonder how much they charge for this?

Now I am doing free advertising for Zynga, Megamind and getting nothing (monetary) for it!

Anyway as promised, I got the Megamind Grow and Megamind Decoration. Oh in case you do need FarmVille Coins, the Megamind Decoration can be sold for $50 FarmVille Coins ;p

Try it to see if I am telling you the truth.


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