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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

FrontierVille - How Do You Fold Them Napkins


Got this completed: How do you Fold Them Napkins

You will need to have 25 Cloth, Finish building the Feast Table (a job on its own) and also Have or Obtain 2 Cinders (available from any Fruit Tree Collection).

The Feast Table will be available from the Market under Buildings for $10 Coins and 4 Wood.

It requires you to build with 10 Whacks (which means 10 energy) and also 2 Wood per Whack (that translates to 20 Woods).

and also you need to have certain materials build or decorate the Feast Table: 4 Fancy Napkins, 4 Silverwares, 4 Centerpieces, 4 Wooden Chairs, 4 Festive Glasses and 4 Holiday Plate.

Thanks to my Facebook FrontierVille neighbors / friends who were sending me stuff even before I started the event, it was really a breeze getting though these stuff!

The reward happens to be $400 Coins, 200 XP and 1 Coffee Pot (must be precious in FrontierVille ;p).

And there you got it! The competed picture. But it does look different from what was given in the picture. And that was only because there is a second part to it... but that is another story.

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