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Friday, February 26, 2010

1.18am in Singapore...

You got me.

I couldn't sleep.

It's 1.18am here in Singapore. Just finished watching an episode of Beauty Files II  (Episode 1) on MediaCorp Channel 5.

They covered the basic things that women are afraid of: Hair, Skin and Weight problem. The paid airing focused on a lady with balding patches, then a lady who couldn't throw off her 10kg of weight gain after the birth of her second child (mind you, the weight gain is normal for child birth so should not be that bad!) and last but not least, the oily skin problem that made it so embarrassing for the victim to avoid taking photographs.

I haven't got balding patches yet, but I will change my diet (if you have read my last posts of The China Study) and try to regulate my sleep pattern.

I learned that it is hard to throw off your excess weight gain (whether 10 or 20kg) after two months into the birth of your child.

And the oily skin syndrome may lead to white and black heads.

Both Victim No 2 and No 3 were housewives. Customer of Yun-Nam. Victims of their own accord, because they do not take care of their health as well as they should.

They say that these syndromes are the problems. But I say these are just syndromes.

The same as my sleeplessness.

It must be a syndrome of something. Even my Darling No 2 also licked me more tenderly today. Not sure what is the reason.

Guess I shall know in a few days.

Well, I will try to sleep again.

Reporting live... here is Lyn signing off at 1.27am on the morning of 26 Feb 2010.

Do something or do nothing.

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