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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Farmville - Awards

I guess this is necessary because SJ was asking me about the awards. She just got this Tree Hugger award and was wondering what she did!

List of Farmville Awards / Farmville Ribbons

Ribbon                      Description  
Local Celebrity           Befriend neighbors
Good Samaritan          Help friends
High Roller                  Earn coins
A Pretty Penny            Spend coins at the market
Cream of the Crop      Harvest crops
Knock on Wood         Harvest trees
Zoologist                     Collect from animals
Architect                     Own buildings
Pack Rat                     Own decorations
Animal Shelter             Adopt lost animals
Green Thumb               Harvest unique crops
Tree Hugger                 Harvest unique trees
Noah's Ark                  Collect from unique animals
Not Spoiled, Gifted!     Collect unique gifts in gift box
Crop Whisperer            Fertilize neighbor crops
Flower Power               Harvest flowers crops
Pretty Garden                Place flower bouquets
King of Compost           Harvest fertilized crops
They of Mystery            Open mystery boxes
Fenced In                      Place fences
Lord of the Plow            Use the tractor to plow plots
Need for Seed                Use the seeder to plant seeds
Cat Lady                        Brush Cats
Vegetable Virtuoso         Harvest vegetable crop
Foremost Fruit Farmer    Harvest fruit crops
Egg-celent Discovery      Discover Mystery Eggs inside your chicken coop
Cunning Collector           Complete collections

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