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Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 LouHei gathering

As per past year practise, I met up with my dear friends today at Plaza Singapura for our LouHei at Swenson.

We eventually did not order the $18.80 LouHei that we initially wanted to try. Because we had the Chocolate Sin (something that is so mouth-watering on the menu that I've forgotten its name ;p)

And we got 5 coupons from Swenson.

I do not have any pictures to post because they are with my dear friends.

I can share this with you though (Taken by WL)

This copy has been enhanced by my dear HP Assistant (MediaSmart Photo). This darling always popup whenever I double-click on any picture file... so I just had to let it have a go. It brightened up the picture abit and un-do my make up a little bit.

Do not ask me why there is no ice-cream picture when the picture is taken in Swenson

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