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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Google Chrome - Browser test (Update)

I posted previously that I did a browser test that showed my favorite Firefox to be so laggy.

Well I did another test again. I just wasn't convinced that my favorite is so snail-like!

I went to fiddle with my Firefox and there it was... the cause of it all ... Norton!

I disabled it and am convinced that it must be Norton that made my Firefox so undesirable!

Then I did another test and guess what?

The result wasn't overly impressive!

Guess what I did next? I went to disable the rest of my add-ons for Extensions and Plugins.

And the result was this.

Not to leave any stone unturned, I went to enable even my add-ons for Plugins. And I got this:

Seems like the results did not change too much.

So disappointed with the results. 

Then I went to fiddle with my Themes.

I changed back to the default 3.6 Theme.

Hey, I got abit of improvement there...

But of course it is NOT much.

Guess I just have to admit it. There is no way to hit what Google Chrome has achieved.

But you know this. It is lonely up there.

To read more about Mozilla Firefox Add-ons, you can go to:


Firefox, Firefox, I thought you could fly!

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