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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fishville - Tank Update

Oh, here are my Tanks:

I love my tanks: Coral Tank 1, Chinese Bamboo Tank 2, Forest Tank 3, Musical Tank 4, Stony Tank 5, Lovey Tank 6.

These are taken before I sold off my decos and re-designed my tanks.

Tank 1 is my coral tank. Notice the stone (420 coin per stone, the cheapest deco i can find!) at the bottom right hand corner.

Tank 2, my favourite. I love the color of the red fishes in contrast with the bamboo green and the pastel blue of the tank gravel. And the stones (I believe a total of 79 of them) casted an ominous blue shadow. Mind you, the stone by itself (a single one) does not look that evil ;p

Now my Forest Tank 3. I was planting away to build up my Plants award. But somehow I got distracted and got to the Decos Award first. Hence this tank was my plant project halted. I did not like the purple coral at first, but as I got more, I thought, why not give it some attention?

Tank 4 was designed long time ago. It had so many shells (don't know how they all came to me) that I did not know what to do with it. I simply had to make something out of it and I did. Wanted to make a musical sign and I made the corals and plants musical too. The coral stone just wanted to steal all the attention by making its background white!

This Tank 5, Stony Tank was simply out of frustration. I do not like stones! And I somehow got so many of them! *bleah* Getting this tank redorated is my top priority!

This tank is all red because of the love... Tank 6 happens to feel abit messy to me but I love the Hearts of Hearts effect :) I think this is a keeper :)

There you go...

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