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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Updates of my darlings...

Haven't brought them for dog walks since Darling No 3 had her menses. Dogs (or rather, Bitches) have theirs for 2 weeks, every half a year. It is not really frequent but this is a hassle which most savvy dog owners will avoid by getting a male dog. I was one of them but was persuaded by my Darling No 1 who was awed by how cute Darling No 3 was.

See the videos to see how cute they were (and still are)!

Recently I posted some of their videos on Youtube... Do go there to view :)

Puppy Kyla drinks her first sip from the water bowl 

Puppy Kyla exploring her surroundings 

Puppy Kyla and @sh 

Schnauzers and Hamsters 

Be inspired by my darlings :)

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