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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FishVille - Candy House

Hi there, this is my How To Build the Candy House in FishVille! I may be late but I wanted to show you, my new reader, how it is supposed to be done! The Candy House!

Well, you need 10 pieces of the Candy House Buildable piece. You can accumulate all the 10 pieces all in your Gift Box and build at one shot or you can do them separately (in another words, retrieve the gift each time you have already added a piece in your tank). I prefer to do it in 1 shot so that it is cleaner. But of course it will take longer but I would rather it this way.

This is how the Candy House Buildable Piece looks like in the Gift Box (I had only 9 when I took this picture)

So the first piece (after clicking on Use in the Gift Box) will turn your cursor into a faded House Frame. Usually I put it at the center front area of the tank. If you follow my style, you will find it easier to build up your tank. This applies to any other Buildable Items in FishVille.

Then you should go back to your Gift Box and click on the Use Button again. Each time you click Use, you will find that the number of gift reduces. So after clicking on the Use Button you will see that the faded House Frame comes up again. 

At this point, do not click anything! Just move your cursor (or mouse) carefully until you see a Hammer Icon.

You will see the Hammer Icon in this picture. Again this Hammer Icon appears for all Building Objects in FishVille.

So only at this point in time, (when you see the Hammer Icon), please click your mouse button (Right-handers to click the left button and Left-handers to click the right button). I don't know if the middle button (if you have it) will work or not. I do not have a mouse with 3 buttons. But just click the same button you used for the first building piece.

Just to highlight, you will see the value of the piece (in this case 300 FishVille Coins) with the progress when you hover your cursor over the building piece.

You will then see the house Progress to increase by 1 stage. There are a total of 10 stages for the Candy House.

Just to show you the progress of the house...

2nd Stage - $600 FishVille Coins

3rd Stage - $900 FishVille Coins

4th Stage - $1200 FishVille Coins

5th Stage - $1500 FishVille Coins

6th Stage - $1800 FishVille Coins

7th Stage - $2100 FishVille Coins

8th Stage - $2400 FishVille Coins

9th Stage - $2700 FishVille Coins

 10th Stage (Last Stage of Completion) - $3000 FishVille Coins

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