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Sunday, July 11, 2010

FishVille - Types of Treasures To Collect For Discovery Log

If you want to know what are the types of treasures to collect for the Discover Log, read this article.

The Treasure Discoveries requires you to keep 3 types of Treasures in your tank.

1)Mermaid Statues
2) Precious Shells
3) Deep Sea Faunas

All the items are available via gifts.

If you look carefully, I already have 3 Mermaid Statues, 3 Precious Shells and 1 Deep Sea Fauna, all without doing anything!

So I guess, FishVille actually adds and counts your existing items in your tank. Fortunately I did not throw these away.

If you click on the Mermaid Statues or the right arrow (it is trangated in the picture, yes, I know), you will see this screen below. You will see the specific items for the 3 types of treasures.

Mermaid Statues
1) Mermaid Maiden
2) Merman Minstrel
3) Mermaid Queen
4) Merman Soldier
5) Dolphin Princess

Precious Shells
1) Blue Shell
2) Pink Shell
3) Purple Strombus
4) Spikey Shell
5) Wavy Shell

Deep Sea Faunas
1) Bamboo Coral
2) Bubble Gum Coral
3) Deep Sea Coral
4) Gibsmithia
5) Picasso Sponge

As you can see, the items that I do not possess are grayed out. Well, if you can, please send me those!

I will update this article when I get more printscreens.

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