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Saturday, May 1, 2010

FishVille - Fish Mastery : Family Types (Part 1)

There is a new feature in FishVille today - Fish Mastery. (As there is alot of information, I am breaking up into several blog posts.)

This post covers the general information for each types of Fishes in each Family. This post will be updated when there are more information available. Bookmark now!

There are currently only 4 Groups/Family available. They are the Butterfly Fish, Clownfish, Gobies and Boxfish. 2 more Families are coming soon - Damselfish and Hamlets.

Basically you have to rear the required number of fishes before you can go to the next type of fish. These are called Ranks. You will have a total of 4 Ranks for the 6 Family Types.


If you do not see the Notice about the Fish Mastery you can just go straight to this new feature by clicking on the Fish Mastery Progress Bar that is on the right side of your tank. (By the way the Mushroom Mound is re-located to the left side of the tank).

You may want to view my other FishVille posts or surf around my blog. If you like, please visit my Support page.
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