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Saturday, July 10, 2010

FishVille - Types of Fish To Keep For Discovery Log

This article lists for you the type of fishes you need to rear for the Fish Discovery.

I listed earlier that you need to keep 4 types (as of 10 July 2010) of fishes for your Fish Discoveries.

1) Classic Fish
2) Anthias
3) Shrimp Gobies
4) Mastery Fish

Well they are:

Classic Fish
1) Shy Hamlet
2) Hawaiian Hogfish
3) Percula Clownfish
4) swissguard Basslet
5) Pinktail Trigger

*I did a quick check against my blog and found that these were not in the Fish Mastery.

1) Townsend Anthias
2) Terra Anthias
3) Lyretail Anthias
4) Thompson Anthias
5) Red Striped Anthias

Shrimp Gobies
1) Prawn Goby
2) Flagtail Shrimpgoby
3) Giant Shrimpgoby
4) Wheelers Shrimpgoby
5) Widebar Shrimpgoby

Mastery Fish
1) Black Percula
2) Broadbarred Goby
3) Immaculate Boxfish
4) Indigo Hamlet
5) Fine Spot Wrasse


I think I need to do a list of these fishes - how much they cost and how long they take to mature. Look out for that! (FishVille - Information for the Fishes To Keep For Discovery Log)
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