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Monday, July 12, 2010

FishVille - Gift Boxes

I just opened my FishVille Gift Boxes.

There are a few types now. I have kept them since I got them and I think since it is the final for the World Cup today (yes I am watching it now, still draw at the moment 12 July 2010, 3.54am), I should open some presents!

Todate, I have 7 Farm Mystery Box(es), 9 Fish Mystery Box(es), 3 Mermaid Mystery Box(es), 32 Mystery Ability and 3 Space Mystery Box.

(Some of the pictures are added after the first place. To show the different type of items that can be found in each gift. I will try to, as I remember, list down each addition at the bottom of this page.)

 These are the different types of gifts I got:

Scuba Duck, Scuba Cat and Scuba Goat!

Farm Jellyfish Lamp

Cute Seashell Tree

Rabbitfish, Annularis Angelfish (one of my favourites!), Spotted Spinefoot, Giant Shrimpgoby, Flame Hawkfish, Royal Gramma, Harlequin Tuskfish, Murphy Cardinal, Spotted Cardinal, 


 Mermaid Maiden, Merman Minstrel, Mermaid Queen, Mermaid Soldier


Agility Food,

A Moon and Venus. (FishVille suddenly just go off by itself and doesn't allow me to take the printscreen of Venus *bleah*)

There are, finally, 1 Annularis Angelfish, 2 Mermaid Maiden, 1 Merman Minstrel, 5 Rabbitfish, 3 Scuba Cat,
 1 Scuba Duck, 1 Scuba Goat, 2 Seashell Tree, 3 Spotted Spinefoot, 1 Moon and 2 Venus.

Crystal Mystery Box gives: Blue Crystal

12 July 4.38pm - Giant Shrimpgoby, Flame Hawkfish
12 July 8.48pm - Royal Gramma
17 July 6.33pm - Jellyfish Lamp, Mermaid Soldier, Mermaid Queen
21 July 9.35pm - Harlequin Tuskfish
9 August 9.12pm - Murphy Cardinal, Spotted Cardinal,

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  1. yeah there were a few other good stuff that I haven't been updating...


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